The Freedom & Vanity Beauty Philosophy: Because You’re Worth It

Lately I’ve been thinking about the form I want this blog to take. I’ve been thinking about what I want it to be, and what I don’t want it to be. I want to make a post today to talk about those things, even if only for my own benefit so I can refer back to this post if I start dropping the ball.

First, I want to share some thoughts about beauty specifically. I hope I can keep these short but to try to limit the rambling, I will put these under numbered headings.

1. It is okay to never wear makeup, ever.

Here’s a secret that you don’t get told enough: you are beautiful. You are beautiful without makeup. You are beautiful with makeup. You are beautiful when you sleep and when you make stupid faces at yourself in the mirror. You are beautiful when you do heavy squats and have that look on your face where the corners of your mouth are trying to touch your shoulders (no? just me? ok). It should not be a secret but for some reason it is. It’s a secret that most of us either refuse to acknowledge, or keep to ourselves even when we’re really feeling it. I want to stop doing that! I want that for all of us. I still have a long way to go, but I’m trying really hard.

So if you don’t want to wear makeup, you absolutely shouldn’t. Every time I hear about people shedding the shackles of makeup wearing and high fashion with such glee, I feel sad. I feel sad that they were made to feel like that in the first place. Tracey Spicer is a great example. On face value, I loved what she was saying. But looking deeper, after it was pointed out by some online friends, it made me sad that she felt that way about makeup due to her place in the world (in television). Makeup and beauty routines aren’t meant to be prisons. They’re not meant to be pain and suffering. We’re not meant to resent them. They’re meant to be creative expressions, and to make us feel like a million bucks.

I said I wouldn’t ramble so I’ll try to wrap this up but look, you just don’t have to wear it. My mother has not worn makeup a day in her life (well, not since I’ve known her anyway!) and she’s one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. Her inner beauty shines from the inside (and between you and I, her skin is bloody fabulous, she was a Clarins devotee for most of her life but now shops around a bit more as I understand it).

2. It’s okay to not wear makeup every day. I don’t.

I would go crazy if I had to wear makeup every day, personally. Some people wear it every day and it’s not a chore, it’s their choice, and they love it. Or it’s not their choice but they love it anyway – whatever! But personally I don’t. Wearing makeup is a day by day choice for me. Sometimes I think “ooh, I haven’t worn [product] in awhile, might crack that one out today” or sometimes it’s the fact that I have a new product and I can’t wait til a “special occasion” to try it. Sometimes my skin looks like garbage and I’m tired, and I know a bit of makeup will boost my confidence, but that is FOR SURE the least common reason. The only time I wear makeup during the day because I “have to” is for things like special visits at work (important people etc) or if I have a job interview and that’s mostly because of the confidence boost which we all need for those dreaded interviews!

If you don’t feel like wearing makeup to work, and your job doesn’t demand that you do, then don’t. Free yourself!

3. It is okay to break the rules of makeup. Screw the rules!

Want to wear a bold eye look and a bold lip as well? Do it! Don’t like the colours that are meant to be worn by people of your eye colour? Don’t wear them! Wear whatever you like, own it, and rock it. This goes for things that are too old or young for you – apparently – as well. Just wear things you like, you know? Wear what makes you happy, confident, and like your best self. Case in point, a very special day in my life last year. I had my makeup done by Chanel and they did a fabulous job. For the daytime section, we did a nude lip.

 FullSizeRender (27)

Dawwwwwwwwwww but srsly dat makeups~

For the night time event, I threw caution to the wind and put on my favourite pink lipstick (MAC’s “Impassioned”) and darkened up my eyes a little. Because I wanted to!

FullSizeRender (26)


Now, did I get feedback that I should have kept the lip nude? Yep. Did I have feelings like that myself? Yep. But that was more of a “should have” because “they” say so thing. I’m glad I stuck to my guns and bolded up my look. I hate to say it, but #YOLO.

4. I do not have perfect skin. I will never have perfect skin. This is okay.

I had pretty darn bad acne as a teenager, and to be honest it continues even now. It’s much less aggressive and cystic now. But it still exists. I get pimples, hormonal ones mostly but also when I forget to drink heaps of water, or when I drink coke (I think, this is a thing I’m still testing / confirming, may in fact be related to replacing adequate water with coke rather than the substance itself), or when I forget to change my pillowcase every night. Or because Aries is crossing the orbit of Saturn. I don’t know how skin works! Or how astronomy works either apparently but anyway… I still get breakouts. I am nearly 31 years old. I have learned to manage it (more on this in another post) but it still bothers me.

But you know what, that’s okay. We all have skin issues. Dryness, sensitivity, breakouts, psoriasis, melasma (I get this one too, thanks oestrogen!), there’s really no end to the types or combinations of things that can go wrong with our skin. Sure, there are those total jerks who never have any problems with their skin and whose skincare regime is something like “oh I give it a bit of a wipe in the shower when I remember” but they don’t count, they’re the anomalies, not us, dammit. Ahem. Bottom line: problematic skin is more common than not. Don’t sweat it. You still deserve to wear non-cakey, fun and cute makeup if you want to! And, as always, if you don’t want to wear makeup then you definitely should not feel the need to hide your skin away. Letting it breathe may even improve its condition – who knows? My amazing friend “hanko” (code name) has a spectacular blog centred (currently) on skincare that I urge you guys to check out. Linky!

Look. The point is, dis face makes its own rules. All I can do is weather the storms alongside it.


Shameless flex insertion. Story of my liiiiiiiife~

5. Makeup is a never-ending learning experience for us all. 

I’m a super, super, super beginner at makeup. Lots of people have made amazing comments to me about how I seem to know a lot but here’s the thing. Owning a lot of makeup =/= knowing a lot about makeup! Ha ha ha… 🙂 I’m really just an amateur. Tomorrow, for the first time, some sucker is going to let me put makeup on them. Thanks Lauren! Then on Sunday my bestie Chantal is going to teach me the finer points of it, she used to be a beauty therapist so she is pretty good at the art of touching the faces of others and applying things to faces without gouging their eyes out etc. Should these things be the other way around? MAYBE. But it just didn’t work out that way. Anyway I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Point is, I’m fairly sure even the Lisa Eldriges, Pixiwoos and vintageortackys (probably my top three for tutorials) of the world would tell you that they are continually learning every single day, even though they are all experts in their fields.

Everyone starts somewhere, with a couple of key pieces (another blog post about that will be forthcoming). In this day and age we are SO LUCKY to have access to things like youtube tutorials from The Greats. We don’t have to rely on books that are static and flat. We have amazing videos of people doing makeup and showing very clearly some amazing techniques. How good is that!

6. You DO NOT have to spend a lot of money on makeup to have a good quality “kit”.

I really feel that drugstore makeup (ie, makeup that can be bought from places like Priceline and other pharmacy type places – popular brands include L’Oreal, Maybelline, Maxfactor, Bourjois, Revlon, Rimmel etc) has come SUCH a long way in the last few years. I think this is the result of the conglomeration of a lot of companies into being made under the same umbrella, then sold under different brands. For example, Bourjois is made by the same company that makes Chanel, and yeah of course it’s not AS GOOD as Chanel but for a quarter of the price it’s MUCH more than a quarter as good if that makes sense.. not sure I worded that too well but for real. It’s so good. NYX has some of the best products I’ve bought for the cheapest prices. L’Oreal’s 24 Hour Infallible eyeshadow is absolutely spectacular and I only wish it had more of a colour range, because it’s apparently an excellent dupe (“duplicate” ie a good cheaper version of) the Armani “Eyes to Kill” eyeshadows. The MAC Paint Pots we all love? You can get the Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream shadows and if you find a colour you like, they’re basically the same thing. The Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes is the exact same as MaxFactor’s Excess Shimmer shadows which are cheap as chips.You can see in my liquid lipstick post that my favourite was a $10 drugstore (Australia only) product. Honestly, I could go on but I won’t, you get the picture.

So that’s all I have to say for right now. I just really want to impress upon you guys that all this stuff is totally optional. You should wear as little or as much makeup as you want, whenever you want.

As long as you wash it off at night. Promise?


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