Makeup Brushes: What? Also Why? Also featuring: where, and how much? (Part 2 – Cheeks)

Right, on with it.

The first thing I should admit is that I’m garbage at contouring. I just can’t seem to make it work. I try to build up slowly and it’s like nothing … nothing … still nothing…. OH GOD I ROLLED AROUND IN A PAN OF BROWNIES APPARENTLY. Terrible. I look at photos of my makeup professionally done and I’m like HOW. DIVULGE YOUR SECRETS, VILE TEMPTRESS! DAMN YOU.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, take my advice with a rather large grain of salt.

Cheek brushes in my possession:


Another couple of Real Techniques brushes here, plus a debut from Napoleon Perdis, a brand I’ve mostly gone away from in the last couple of years. He’s changed, man. And more importantly, the product has changed. Anyway.

First on the left is the Real Techniques contour brush.


Close up of RT Contour Brush

I got this in that bad collection and I still don’t really see the point of this. I feel like it’s too round to do any good, it needs to be longer/flatter and less thick so that you can kind of “stripe” on the contour for lack of a better word, stamp perhaps, then blend that line. But like I said, I’m not a major contouring expert it’s still very much something I’m still trying to master so take my advice how you will. Perhaps you guys can teach me how to use this one?! I’ve heard that this is a great brush for buffing in under-eye concealer so I might try that.

Next is the Real Techniques cheek brush which is from that wonderful collection, Nic’s Pics (for those just joining us, this pack is more expensive than the Core Collection but the difference is it OWNS and I use all the brushes all the time). If you are a blush fan, and like your blush to be fairly well in the spotlight, then this baby is for you.


Close up of RT Cheek Brush

The dense but soft bristles means that this one deposits quite a bit of product but also blends really well. So this is one for someone who likes their blush to stand out, because as we all know it’s easier to add more product than it is to take product away.

Next is the Napoleon Perdis 15b which is one of those very chisel-shaped angled cheek brushes designed to get in under the cheekbone to carve out a contour. The problem? It’s huge.


Close up of NP 15b

And … spiky.. I don’t like it. It’s bristly and unpleasant. I only keep it because it was expensive, and also out of some form of self-flagellation in order to punish myself for being bad at contouring. It’s too big! It’s impossible to do anything precise or subtle. The product gets everywhere and suddenly you have a huge stripe of bronzer or whatever on your cheek and it’s impossible to blend out without making it bigger. And for $35? Don’t bother. DO NOT LIKE. NEXT.

Ah yes. Hello, my love. One of only two brushes I have purchased twice. The Napoleon Perdis Chisel Blush Brush, 22b.


Close up of side view, NP 22b

I love this brush. I really do. It is soft but quite fluffy and the bristles aren’t awfully dense so it picks up minimal amounts of product and just blends it so perfectly. This is an absolutely idiotproof blush brush. I strongly recommend this brush to any beginner or anyone who is a little bit wary of looking like a clown. It helps you achieve a beautiful subtle blush look but enables you to build colour up as well.

Out of these, this brush or one like it is the only thing I would say is a “must have”. Of course, if you love cream blush then you could just stick with your Expert Face Brush or Buffing Brush. But for powder brushes, something shaped like this with nice long fluffy bristles is the way to go. You can get it from Napoleon Perdis online for $35, or from your local stockist.

Tomorrow I will conquer the big one. Eyes. Hooooooo boy. You’ll need a coffee for that one. Or a wine, depending on the time of day. I will probably have both.


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