Beauty: February Favourites – Better Late than Never?!

The last few days, nay, weeks, have been pretty hectic, I apologise for the radio silence. But I am back with a favourites post! Look to be honest, my skin’s in a bit of a mood at the moment so I’m only going to do a short one. I am also moving to the USA at the end of March so March will hopefully be a little early, or just won’t happen at all! Shit is CRAZY okay, I’m telling you. Ok let’s get this show on the road. Nude “Perfect Cleanse” Omega Cleansing Jelly This might just be one of the best things I have ever purchased. I frickin’ love it. It’s an oil-based cleanser, which is the best for removing makeup hands-down, so I was already interested. The description on the site reads: “Ideal for all skin types, this natural cleanser safely removes face and eye makeup leaving skin clean, smooth, and toned.” And you know what? It just does. It’s wonderful stuff. You squidge a bit of it out into your hands, rub it all over your face including your eye area if that’s your jam (it is def my jam, and it gets even waterproof mascara off brilliantly), give it a good massage* and then wet your hands with some warm water and rub that in. This turns the product into a kind of light milky texture, making it very easy to remove. I use a muslin cloth (my favourites are the Clean Slate Cleansing Cloths from Mecca Cosmetica but you can get plain muslin cloth from Spotlight for $2.50 a metre) and just smooth it all over my face until all traces are gone. I then follow up with a second, light cleanse with my normal cleanser. This stuff is so good that I sometimes forget to do that. It’s important though, if you have oily skin. If your skin is dry you may like the extra moisturising it leaves. It’s brilliant stuff. USA readers can get it from Sephora, in Australia it’s available from Mecca Cosmetica for $54. Worth every penny, though I will admit I find it doesn’t last very long.. That’s kind of a bummer. But I still love it SO MUCH I’ll definitely repurchase. *Facial massage is great for your skin. It boosts circulation and works the product in, and it feels really nice. Do it. Lisa Eldridge has a good facial massage video, linky. Rimmel Idol Eyes by Kate Moss Mascara I picked this up because I needed new mascara and I don’t buy expensive mascara. It was $10, introductory price. It’s gone up to $16.95 now. Ok I’ll admit it – the brush is weird. It’s like a wave shape. But you guys – I LOVE this mascara. It is so volumising and really lengthens the lashes. It’s more of a night time than a day time but it’s so great, I love it, it’s interesting and different and you should definitely buy it. Priceline has a great deal where you spend $20 and you get a gift with purchase with the Rimmel range so what’s not to love? Head in-store or grab it here. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment Ok it’s finally time for me to talk about this product. It’s an expensive one, so I’ve given it a really good trial. And let me tell you guys, that trial was successful. Even the packaging is beautiful. Check it out! It’s lovely. The blurb on the product page says: “This hydrating treatment is formulated with key ingredients that plump the look of fine lines to reveal brighter, renewed skin, and support natural circulation to create a smooth, vibrant complexion.” Accurate, again. The fine lines thing I can’t strictly comment on, because I don’t have a lot of them, really. But the combination of gently exfoliating acids in this product plus the other skin-feeding ingredients like liquorice, arnica and lemongrass help to really brighten the complexion and improve skin texture. It’s the one thing from the Sunday Riley range (a few of which I am trying so far) that I am absolutely 100% sold on so far. The others are good, I just feel that they need a bit more time. This one was really instantly effective for me. It’s super firming, and has reduced the appearance of my pores. I put it on every morning before my moisturiser, giving I a few minutes to soak in before I put moisturiser over the top. You can also use it in conjunction with the Ceramic Slip cleanser as a treatment but to be honest they say to use 3 pumps and I’m just not keen on using that much of it at once. I’ve used about a 1/4 of it and I only got it at the beginning of February so it’s another one that isn’t amazing VALUE, however I will be buying again because it just works so darn well. I even feel like it has improved the appearance of my acne scars but I might be imagining things, who knows. It’s $125 from Mecca Cosmetica, also available from Sephora obviously. Jo Malone “Wood Sage & Sea Salt” Cologne This is a tough one to describe as I am bad at scents. But trust me, it owns. If you like fresh, spicy/herbaceous, slightly woody scents then you are going to love this one. Here’s a good description from Fragrantica: “Composition of the new fragrance, just like its name suggests, is composed of ambrette seed, sea salt and sage, along with red algae and grapefruit. ‘This fragrance is different for me’ – says Christine Nagel, perfumer of the composition. She adds: ‘Sea air is mixed with salty and mineral texture of sand and stones. As the scent of driftwood it has natural and fresh sophistication. A complex combination of wood and sea is in its essence. It provides the feeling of freedom and natural spirit.’” That’s a bit wanky but I do agree, it reminds me of the sea but it’s also quite citrusy in a non-sickly sweet way. There’s absolutely no sweetness to this one at all so if you tend towards sweet perfumes I would seer well clear. Jo Malone is the queen of fragrance and this is just another jewel in the crown. I also tried “Earl Grey and Cucumber” and it was lovely. I bought the travel size of this one from David Jones for $90 but it’s a decent size, and the 100mL sizes are double the price for double the volume. MAKES SENSE. I’m gonna buy a full size when I get to the USA because I wear this every single day – it’s a perfect daytime scent. It’s not really cheaper over there with the dollar conversion but it’s a pretty hefty bottle and it’s just more crap to cart, you know? 2 sprays of it is enough for each day so it does last quite awhile. Head on down to your local DJs and see if you can have a sniff of the Jo Malone range. You won’t regret it. NARS Audacious Lipstick in “Anita” Brief mention to this one because I have already raved about this range in general in my first lipstick manifesto post but I recently picked up this colour and I really love it. It’s a perfect “MLBB” (My Lips But Better) shade for me, it has quite a pink tone to it and that always tends to suit me best. It’s neutral but still provides warmth and colour, and I love the way it makes my skin look – a bit brighter, a bit warmed up, not too stark. It’s just “there”, in a lovely way. I swatched it, please observe my disgusting scaled claw (I ran out of my favourite hand cream, okay?!). It’s really nice. Grab it from Mecca for $44. SO ENDETH THIS POST Thanks for all the love and the patience while I was on cyclone / husband hiatus. You guys rule. Love+++

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