Moving to the USA: Haul #1 (of many)

I made it! I’m here with my husband it is awesome. Stressful times but all worth it to be here.

I thought I’d post a quick haul post. My friends Sara and Nate entertained me all day on my layover in LA so we went to South Coast Plaza, a fancy mall with lots of high end brands including Jo Malone which is why I went there!


The salesman at Jo Malone was phenomenal and so helpful, and not pushy. I bought a large bottle of my beloved Wood Sage & Sea Salt (think a deserted, windswept beach with a driftwood fire in the distance) perfume, and he gave me tonnes of samples as well as a sample of the matching body lotion which I may buy, because holy CRAP my skin is dry as HECK right now and I only have a little bottle of Soap & Glory’s Body Butter. So far I’ve given the Blackberry and Bay sample a sniff and it’s gorgeous. That one might be my next purchase but that won’t be for awhile.

We then went to look for a passport holder for me, though I’ve decided what I’ll do is buy myself a really pretty one when I become a citizen in 3 years because I’ll have two passports! So it’s kinda lucky I didn’t find one. I did however find the Urban Decay Ammo palette which was hard to get in Australia so I grabbed that, it was $25 what a bargain!


Plastic is a bit scuffed. Came with an eye primer! Wiew

Excited to try this out, the colours are amazing and I think I can show it a hell of a good time.

So when I got to Boston and was reunited with my beloved husbo, we went to Sephora. It was awesome! I wanted a hairdryer and some shampoo and conditioner and the guy who helped us actually wasn’t that helpful. He tried to talk me into a sulfate free shampoo which I don’t normally like, but I bought small deluxe samples of it anyway and wow surprise surprise I used it this morning and I hate it. My scalp is flaking like crazy and my hair is horribly dry even after drying naturally and not applying any heat. I didn’t take any pictures, but it’s this one: Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Ageing Replenishing Shampoo. So that’s not pictured because I’m taking it back and will probably try out a Bumble & Bumble one, as that’s a brand I trust, or the Living Proof range is tempting as well. I don’t know. My hair just needs to get through this stage of still having the yucky ends from being bleached. Anyway, instead of the $200 hairdryer the guy wanted me to get, I ended up going online and buying another Parlux exactly like my last one. So the rest of the haul was the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in “Outlaw”, Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm which is apparently amazing for winter-dry lips which I am definitely suffering from, and I think that’s it! When I got to Ray’s home town we went to CVS to buy lots of things like cotton pads, qtips, nail polish remover, razors and all that normal stuff then we wandered down to the Sephora inside JCPenney. It was pretty comprehensive really, only a few niche lines missing (Sunday Riley, unfortunately, as well as L’Occitane which sucked because I really want to buy a large container of the Almond Shower Oil. It’s so good! I have found my skin to be SUPER dry since I got here and this stuff is definitely helping. Anyway, I grabbed some of the UD Setting Spray in Oil Control and they gave me a sample of the Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask which I’m super keen on trying… anyway here’s the haul:


No biggie!

I also unwrapped my Sigma package! Look at these beauties! I’m so excited to try these brushes and review them for you guys.


The little baby one on the left is a travel size shadow brush gift :3

I’m ESPECIALLY excited about the flat topped kabuki brush for applying foundation! Can’t wait to tell you guys about them.

So at the moment things are a bit crazy because we’re not living in a place where I can organise all my products and have them in front of me. As such I probably won’t be wearing a lot of makeup for awhile because it’s just overwhelming, lol. Anyway, that’s my haul! I’ll probably pop into Sephora again today to grab some more shampoo samples or whatever. Ok bye!


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