Brand Review: Shiro Cosmetics [+ GlamourDollEyes bonus review]

A few weeks ago, I got an extremely exciting package in the mail. My friend Jaime in Australia had told me she was sending me some things to review so I was ALREADY excited when I saw her name on the package, but when I busted it open there it was. The most beautiful sight. Not only a little bag full of lipstick samples but also the special edition Vegemite Cadbury block! Spoiler alert: it’s fantastic. Anyway I know that topic is controversial so let’s move on.

The first thing that I noticed about these lipsticks was that they had AMAZING names, I can’t wait to share them with you guys as we go along. I looked up the website for this brand and went straight to the about section. The more soft and squishy amongst us will be interested to note that this brand is 100% vegan and cruelty free. The products are blended by hand and packaged by two lovely ladies in Portland, Oregon. It really reminds me of Baroque Cosmetics actually (see previous brand review) in that a lot of the products are a bit on the nerdy side which is RIGHT up my alley.


Important notes x 3: Jaime sent these to me because she likes my reviews (so flattering!) and wanted to see what I thought of these products. I have no affiliation whatsoever with the brand (nor does Jaime) and have not contacted them in regards to this post. Also, all product packaging pictures (apart from the sample pots obviously) are from the Shiro website and all photo credit goes to them (click on the photos to go to the product page!). The packaging is too awesome not to show off! Finally, I should disclose that I’m not much of a lip gloss wearer. You know me, I like my matte lipsticks. I find glosses a bit annoying and sticky. So keep that in mind as you read this review (at the time of typing this sentence, I have not tried them on).

So, let’s get on with it. Jaime sent me SEVEN lip glosses. I would like to apologize to my lips in advance for what I’m about to subject them to. At least it’s glosses and not lipsticks which can be very hard to remove!

The Thrill of the Chasez


IMG_7822 IMG_7821

This is a mid-toned pink, it’s quite nice actually. It’s not too bubblegum-y, which is surprising because it smells SO STRONGLY of bubblegum. Kind of a turnoff for me. It’s a reallllly sweet scent, not sure how I feel about it. Actually I am sure: I don’t like it. But I’m not known for liking sweet scents, to be fair! The color is nice, it’s not super bright and it isn’t overly sticky – more slippery than anything. It doesn’t feel like a very thick, shiny gloss which is nice because I find those a bit … gluggy.

Nic Cage Posing for a Calendar with Shiny Bright Red Cars


IMG_7824 IMG_7823

I LOVE the name of this one! Can’t go wrong with Nic Cage jokes IMO. I really like this color! I feel like it’s a bright enough red to do it for me, and also has an extremely subtle pearl to it which means that it makes my lips look quite full, and blurs out the creases in my lips a little bit. It is NOT glittery which is good, nothing I dislike more than glittery lip gloss. The flavor/scent of this one isn’t nearly as strong and is kind of a cherryish flavor – the website says cherry pie and I suppose that’s close enough! Yep, this one’s a winner and will be going into rotation. I feel like this could be lovely over the top of a bright red matte lipstick to give a bit of shine and moisture.

Justin Time



Eeeeeee you guys know how I feel about Justin Timberlake. Ok you probably don’t: I love him. That’s how I feel. Ever since the days of Justified and even at some points in the reign of NSYNC although I was always more of a Backstreet Boys girl at heart. Anyway, this color is exciting already :3 I really like this one! It’s a little warmer than the reds that I’m normally attracted to, almost a warm-rich-red-pink*, but I like it and it’s extremely opaque for a lip gloss. It’s almost more of a gloss-finish lipstick. I’d be interested to see how the longevity of this goes, I may try that out later. It is scented like vanilla which is pleasant and not overpowering at all. Another winner.

*EDIT: I know it seems like a cool red here, but when I look in the mirror I swear it’s warm! D:

Nic Cage Nibbling Petit Fours in a Posh Victorian Tearoom


IMG_7828 IMG_7827

Love it! I feel like this is a weird Nic-Cage-As-Pinup-Model fetish but I’m into it. I can get the heck behind that. The color is kind of a dusty, neutral, rosey color (the website agrees). It’s got enough brown in it to not be a Pink Gloss but isn’t too brown. It’s actually not a bad “MLBB” color for me. It’s not very opaque which is fine, I feel once again that this could be a lovely gloss atop something like Anita by NARS in the Audacious lipsticks range, to give some gloss and moisture.

Red Wedding


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

As a huge Game of Thrones fan (I have some … complex feelings about the last season) I had a big grin when I saw the name of this one. Let’s hope I have better luck with this color than Robb Stark did at the aforementioned nuptial celebration (as you may be able to tell, I’m writing this as I try each one). Ok so this is an interesting color. When I first put it on, I was a bit disappointed because it looked really brown. But as I kept going and built the color up a little bit, I got more into it. It’s a deep burgundy. One thing about those kinds of colors is that my husband LOVES them on me, much more than I love them on myself. I trundled off to the kitchen to show him and, as expected, he basically jumped me (these are not transfer-proof, FYI 😉 ). So I started off kinda eh about this but turns out it’s a winner. The scent is a kind of sherbet sharp cranberry. One thing about it is that it’s kinda patchy, it takes careful application, though that may be different if you have the actual doe-foot applicator to use – I’m applying all these with a Mecca Cosmetica lip brush. This one is a keeper and I’m glad I have a larger sample size of it!

Seven Minutes in Kevin


IMG_7840 IMG_7841

Speaking of Backstreet Boys! Lol. I love it. This is another quite dark, vampy red/burgundy color but it’s not as dark as Red Wedding. My husband called this one “a nice compromise” and I agree. It’s not as intense or opaque as RW. It smells like Christmas – it’s kinda cinnamon-spicey, the most appealing scent so far for me!

Nic Cage Doing the Charleston in a Bustling Speakeasy


FullSizeRender IMG_7854

Another quite vampy lipstick (with a fabulous name) though this lends itself more to a berry-type shade base rather than a burgundy. Once again it’s quite opaque for a lip gloss, I like it. These last three-four shades will be fabulous in the winter, I feel! Particularly now that I live somewhere with actual seasons, and I’m sure my lips will be in absolutely terrible condition! I don’t know how to explain the scent of this one. The site says “bubbly champagne” but I disagree, it’s way too sweet for that. It’s probably my second-least-favorite of the scents so far, I don’t like it. But it’s also not very strong unlike the first scent which was horrid AND strong (in my opinion). The color is worth it though!

Afterthought on this one: it leaves a BEAUTIFUL stain on the lips when you wipe it off. Something to keep in mind, may be a plus or a minus for you, I like it though! See below:
IMG_7855All of these are $8 which is a bargain IMO, they also have a sample option for $2 which is great. I think I’ll actually buy a couple of these, now to decide which ones. I do love a proper applicator though I feel today that I got a good lesson in applying with a brush which I normally don’t do.

So that’s the Shiro products, there were two other products in the bag that I thought I’d review at the same time, however, after I posted this blog a friend informed me of a recent issue with one of the brands (Fierce Magenta) in which they ignored and dismissed a customer’s valid and serious issues with mold and other quality issues in their products. As such they will not be featured on this blog. You can read more about this issue here. Just like I’ll never review, buy or wear Gerard Cosmetics or Lime Crime due to past unpleasantnesses, I don’t want to feature this brand. [this section has been edited]

GlamourDollEyes HydraGlaze lip gloss in “Homicide”


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1

It’s kinda nice I guess, nothing special, it’s a nice classic-red lip gloss. The packaging description (of the actual product, I just have a sample) is confusing. It’s a “squeeze tube with doe foot applicator”? I don’t get it. The other thing that annoys me about the description is that it’s called a “matte, true red gloss” which is just garbage IMO you can’t be a matte gloss. And this is definitely not a matte anything! Anyway it’s fine, I wouldn’t buy it because it’s nothing amazing, the smell is sweet (apparently it’s buttercream) but nothing obtrusive. It’s $9.

A massive thanks to beautiful Jaime for sending me these products to try out! I had a really fun time, and I think I may be converted to lip gloss actually… these are great and really fun, and comfortable. I’m going to post this now and apply the “Justin Time” one to see what the lasting power is like. Oh and in case you’re interested in the aftermath of this little experiment… Later addition: I feel that it really lasted a goodly time! It didn’t get cakey or chunky and it only faded down to a less glossy, even stain. Will purchase! [section edited]



Thanks for reading!


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