Think Your Tube of Gunk is All Gone? THINK AGAIN.

Sorry for the clickbaity title but guys, I have to share something with you.

The other day I noticed that my tube of NARS Pro-Prime eye primer was getting low. I would put the applicator in and not much would come out. I added it sadly to my Sephora “likes” in preparation for my next order (sadly because it’s kinda pricey). Then I was watching a video that ViviannaDoesMakeup did in which she admitted to using the breadknife to saw her tube in half and get the remainder depotted into a little travel container. I thought, hey why not, if there’s a smudge or two left that’ll save me some dough.

The tube looks like this:

Image from Pinterest

It’s about the size of a large lip gloss tube, and to be fair it has lasted me ages and I use it every time I wear makeup (most days) so I think that’s fine.

Off I went to saw away with my breadknife (sorry, husband) and lo and behold there was HEAPS left. I filled an entire small travel container. FILLED IT. I just used the actual applicator to scoop it out and put it in the jar. LOOK.


There’s like a year’s worth of products in there. AT LEAST. You only need a tiny bit!

I’m so happy that I can save my dollars for quite a long time, but I’m kinda cranky that such an expensive product has such garbage packaging. How many people have tossed their tube of this when it was half full?

Anyway, that’s a pro tip from me to you. Happy nearly-Friday!


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