How Really NOT To: Babby’s First Z-Palette

So, I decided to buy a Z-Palette in the Sephora sale. I don’t have very many de-pottable shadows, but I’m probably going to grab some Makeup Geek ones soon and they need a palette to go in. So I picked up this saucy little number on the last day of the sale (along with a much-awaited shade from the Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lips range – Nosferatu!).

When it arrived, I grabbed some eyeshadows that I could de-pot and confidently set to work. First up, I grabbed “Wedge” by MAC and stuck the spatula that comes with the palette into the side of the container between the metal pan and the plastic. Then, I tried to pry it up. Hmmm. This seems.. weirdly difficult..

Of course, I cracked the eyeshadow. In fact, I made a mess of it. Oops. Eventually I tried the straightening iron method – put the plastic case of the eyeshadow on the plate of the iron and let it get warm. It kinda worked. But I needed more meltage.

… Wait I’m meant to put some foil on the plate? Ok. That makes sense. Melted plastic on my GHDs wouldn’t be good.

Ok that’s better. I pried the palette out finally, then used an alcohol swab to clean the glue from the bottom of the pan. The pan isn’t magnetic of course. Typical. I added one of the little sticky magnetic plates, put it in the palette and I was done.

Next I had an Urban Decay eyeshadow (Half Baked, one of my favorite eyeshadows OF LIFE). It was initially easy, because the pan just pops out of the main container, but NOOOooo, the part that pops out is still in a plastic thing aaaargh okay okay I’ll just do the same thing I did before.

The bottom of the plastic actually got a little bit melted itself which was good, because I needed to use a pin to push the metal palette up out of the thing. It eventually happened but it was REALLY DIFFICULT and once again the eyeshadow got a little messed up. I just re-set it with alcohol though. Sigh

The final eyeshadow was a Sephora one. I opened the container and wow, a little divot right next to the edge of the pan, PERFECTLY SIZED for putting my spatula into! No glue! So easy! Oh and it’s magnetic! YAYYY ok this was great and fine, and took about 15 seconds total. THANK YOU SEPHORA!

2015-11-12 12.40.57 - Copy

The final verdict? Not really worth it. I’ll only use this in the future if I don’t have to de-pot, ie for shadows that come in pans already. Hmph.


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